ADA Signs

Ada is the common term for architectural/construction signage with compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA standards ensure that everyone finds your building accessible. These standards extend to a variety of features in a building–including your signage. It is imperative that your signs are ADA compliant when necessary. Typically, this refers to making sure visually impaired occupants can read your sign, and the standards are very specific.
General rules for ADA signs include:

  • The background and characters must contrast (light on dark or dark on light) and have a non-glare finish. 
  • Visual characters must use an easy-to read font that is not italic, script, or otherwise unconventional and decorative.
  • If the sign identifies a room, it must be adjacent to the door at the proper height. (In certain scenarios, it may be permissible to place the sign on the door itself.) 

Proper ADA signage is required in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy for your building. Many business owners and landlords overlook this requirement because of their busy schedules, and they get an unwelcome surprise when the building inspector comes.

We custom-make ADA Compliant signs designed to meet the ADA Act requirements and standards. Whether you’re looking for door signs, restroom signs, wayfinding signs, or anything else, we can make it.

We can also add braille lettering to any sign you may need.

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